Our Story

Moving with a Forward-looking View

TwoCents, Inc. is a holding company started by a group of passionate students at the University of Chicago dedicated to producing useful technology for users and companies of the future. Our team participated in the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship's College New Venture Challenge (CNVC) in which we went through multiple rounds of pitching to judges from companies such as Pritzker Group Venture Capital, Groupon, and the Boston Consulting Group. After this experience, we were selected to receive $10,000 in seed funding and join the Polsky Summer Accelerator for an intensive 10-week program. We are now the only team of undergraduates in the Polsky Incubator, a yearlong collaborative coaching program for ten startup companies. With our first app, Fuse, TwoCents aims to change the way that people interact: around meaningful content with the right people. Join us on our journey!


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Fuse is a mobile app where you can create a groupchat with your friends and pair it with a ‘channel’ that will bring you news articles, live videos, and tweets on a topic you choose like fantasy football, travel or internships. You and your friends can swipe between the channel and the groupchat, share content to the chat, and talk about what you love as if you’re all in the same living room.



TwoCents is led by Nick Aldridge, Isaac Troncoso and Henry Clarke, all three of whom care about creating products for positive change. Nick's tech savvy and leadership guide the corporation, while Isaac and Henry's marketing, media and operations skills put our products in the hands of users and customers. 


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